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Through our DC office: we offer patent research at USPTO EAST- the same system/methods used by Patent Examiners.
Getting Started

Our Work

Direct to Consumer Product Marketing

This was a classic case of the American Dream starting off with a shoe-string budget, a bright idea, and a lot of sweat and clever execution to make it happen. We initially provided a cost effective, yet very high quality patent application that enabled him to initially protect his pet care product idea (a gentile/safe grinding pet nail trimmer) with enough left over for effective product development and marketing.  Along with our intense guidance and consultations, the product became a blockbuster known across the world, yet despite our marketing success, the USPTO rejected all his patent claims, and after months of back-and-forth prosecution, it looked like an impossible dead-end.  A large predatory marketing company began knocking off his winning product, however, with no awarded patent, he could do nothing about it.  With millions of dollars at stake, we were charged to redouble our efforts and win the patent at all costs within two months. Then, we conjured very creative and clever claims and a sophisticated legal argument strategy, which coupled with a very intense (and tactful) direct negotiations with the Examiner ultimately, and very quickly, resulted in winning the patent.  The inventor made millions and the product has revolutionized the pet nail trimming industry. An even larger global marketing company ended up buying out the patent and his company, and the rest is marketing history....

Funding/Deal Broker

A serial inventor and avid entrepreneur invents many innovative ideas, yet only has enough resources to bring one to market.  After we won patent protection he could not find commercial interest and gave up on it.  He decided to focus on his efforts the other innovations.  Based on our intuition, we believed this product could have a significant market and be highly lucrative to the right kind of product launching firm.  So, we took the initiative to ask for review by the right type of marketing firm in our network.  This particular firm was unique in that it has high risk money and an in-house product design and marketing team to bring products to directly market very quickly, with high impact and results.  They were very interested after we articulated the potential; however, the structure of the deal was in question especially since the inventor wanted much greater control, participation, and compensation than the firm was initially willing to offer.  Based on building a basis of mutual trust along with skilled, highly nuanced negotiations, we were able to strike a lucrative deal that made both sides very happyThe product was successfully redesigned and re-purposed for a more optimal market.

Infringement Defense

Fortune 500 companies constantly launch new products and implement new technologies, which not only need protection, yet, almost more importantly, must not result in patent infringement- that can be a product/service roll-out "show stopper". For some of the largest corporations in America, we helped them avoid very costly infringement lawsuit.

High-Tech Start-up

A Hi-Tech Start-up in the fab-less semiconductor chip space must file many patents on limited budget to support venture funding.  They received very limited Series A funding, which was just enough to cover their burn-rate on opening four offices, R&D, and product launch, yet very little was available for patent portfolio protection of their IP.  However, as a prerequisite to the Venture Partner (i.e., the critical Series B funding), their survival depended on first achieving broad patent protection of their IP.  When first tasked to provide a solution to their difficult situation we performed an IP portfolio assessment and triaged their IP into various categories of priority and quality requirements relative to business and Venture Capital (VC) goals.  Once this IP assessment was completed we then applied our proprietary "right-sizing" approach to most effectively allocate resources to optimally align their real-world patent/product protection needs with their limited budget, thereby striking the optimal balance between contradicting requirements of a broad patent portfolio with strong core IP protection on a limited fiscal budget.  As a result, they were able to achieve nine patent application filings that later were won as full patents, which was enough to get life saving Series B VC funding.  In our experience, this successful approach is very effective for most hi-tech start-up situations.

Client Endorsements/Testimonials

We have consistently rendered high quality patent service to well over 1000 clients and successfully filed well over 400 patents in our 10 years of legal practice. 

Our Solid Reputation - 

Over 10 years of Patent Bar Practice

See our ever growing, and solid reputation reviews at the top online ratings portals:

    We strive for high client service and top quality patent work, and take each (no matter how small) client's case very seriously. We do appreciate you trusting us with your patent work and protecting your innovation(s).

Our client's satisfaction over the years has meant a lot to us and has enabled our patent prosecution legal practice to grow substantially by word-of-mouth and recurring business. So, our client's direct feedback and comments is very important to us, and we would like to share some of them with you below.

More Client Endorsements/Testimonials

Our Litigation Attorney thought your job on the patent was awesome.
Lance P., Los Angeles, CA
I'd be glad to recommend your firm to any prospective client.  I do appreciate the service you provided to me.
John T., Nashville, TN
After I re-read the Patent, several times, I am finally realizing just how much work you put into it and I have to admire your genius in writing it.  I never realized how much thought went into how you wrote the patent, but its brilliant and I very much appreciate your time, attention and advice.  Thank you so much for explaining claims to me.  I feel much more secure now and understand the FDA and USDA won't be a problem because of how the patent is written.
Mary T., Rainier, WA
I want to thank you for the excellent work that you have done thus far which has surpassed my expectations and thank you for understanding what it is that I want to patent.
John Y., Athens, Greece
Many thanks for the work carried out so far as I have been very impressed with the level of service. Thank you very much for making it happen with such a tight deadline! I will definately recommend your business to anyone requiring patent services in the future.
Paul B., Sussex, United Kingdom
I'm glad I've found a home for my idea's now and thanks for your support and guidance you made it clear and easy. 
Jason S., San Diego, CA
I  knew you were somebody that really did know what they were doing. I have recommended you to many people and I hope someday they will use you as their representative because of what you all do over there.
Bob P., American Canyon, CA
You're amazing! I really do not see how you can write so much information about a simple design like this.  You are brilliant!! I read over the first draft last night and all I have to say is...Perfect!!  I would not change one word of it...You covered every aspect of this product in great detail... Thank you,,,I am very impressed.
Jace S., Florence, AL

I was very happy with your work done on my patent! I feel very confident, that you made it as bullet proof , as possible!
Thanks Again, Ted K., Williamsburg, Ohio
Ariel has been an absolute star. I wish to thank you for a really great job.
George Smith, Laurus Consulting,
Bedfordview, South Africa
Thanks for a job welldone.
Omoko N., Nigeria
I am sorry to make everyone rush around. I am very pleased with all the help and efforts you and your staff have made on my behalf.  Once again awesome work.
Norman K, West Hollywood, CA
The Utility that you JUST sent is AWESOME...Bay Area is Protecting the CONCEPT from ALL Angles.  EXTREMELY WELL is the ENTIRE Document.  Can you Assist us with our OTHER DEVICE? 
Mike C., Managing Partner
CCV & Design MD. Chicago IL
Thank you so much to you all, I'd really appreciated your most excellent professional services.
Noel B., Saudi Arabia
I just read the office action legal Response proper.  I find it elegant and comprehensive; not to forget educational. You allow me to wait in peace. Thank you!
Pedro C., Berkeley, CA
You were very thorough in broadening the claims.  thank you,
Brian C., Reading, MA
I appreciate the thought you put into this endeavor, and the manner in which you articulated the verbiage.
Joe M., Overland Park, KS
I am impressed at how well you understand the device. I am also impressed at the types and amounts of variables you thought of and wisely included. Thank you again, 
Doug R., San Francisco CA
I'm phenomenally impressed by the way.  I know this is your job, but I was concerned about the interpretation of the invention, and you've done extremely well in understanding the nature of it, well done!
Sean St. J., Jupiter, FL
I like how you made the claims very broad and I think you did a great job in preparing my patent application.  I am pleased with the patent application appreciate the work you have done with my patent application.
Greg W., Pasadena CA
I read your ingenious respond on this case to USPTO rejection.
I am so glad I found you and I can proud of your work.
Hiro Otsubo, Otsubo Realty, New York NY
Wow, what an amazing distillation of the invention- extremely detailed write-up!
Hank E., Brookline, MA
the final draft looks fine. I'm very happy with the outcome
Wai Chu, San Jose CA
Thanks for your assistance, ourcompany has always enjoyed working with your firm and you have again proved to us that you do quality work.
Ken Stoney
Edge4 Technologies
I was very impressed with the way you wrote it up. Very minimal changes. I liked the additional variations you implemented into it.
Kirk B., Foresthill, CA
This is a top notch job! I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the original concept document and transforming it into an impressive patent document.
Stephen M., Sarasota, FL
I liked EVERYTHING you did for me: fast and very informative replies, wonderful recommendations, keeping up with your promises, etc.  That is why my feedback to you is not constructive at all. Just keep up with a great job you are doing!
Thank you for it.
Boris A., Santa Clara CA
thank you so much for doing me this favor. I will again seek your services and recommend them to any other makers who have any designs or inventions. It is so nice to work with someone who can give me a break as it is so hard to make a small business succeed with all types of legal fees. I understand that this is a favor from you to me and I really really appreciate it. Thank you.
Jimmy F., Woodland Hills CA
Excellence in delivery, team synergies and meeting my deadline!
Impressed by your command of my case & laser sharp IP.
Dominique B. Forest FL

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