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IP/patent services

A FAQ/Help Guide to Our Patent Services


BAIP specializes in turning ideas into issued patents in the United States and around the world. Our patent services offering includes:

  • Preparing and filing:
    • document disclosures
    • provisional applications for patent
    • non-provisional patent applications
    • PCT International applications
    • Divisional, continuation in part or combination patent applications based on parent applications
  • Interviewing inventors, and collecting disclosures
  • Background research to validate invention disclosures
  • Drafting informal and formal drawings
  • Drafting claim sets
  • Filing non-provisional patent applications in accordance with all legal requirements
  • Tracking all cases, and maintaining tracking reports against all necessities
  • Receiving/tracking examination office actions
  • Responding to office actions, interviewing examiners
  • Processing issued patent allowances paperwork
  • Status reports for clients
  • Filing patent applications in the US from Foreign countries and from Foreign patent firms
  • All actions required to maintain US and PCT patents in good standing

Key to our success is our quality customer service, broad capabilities, and extreme flexibility in working with our clients to right-size IP protection to suit their particular needs.

Beyond serving the needs of large companies, our practice is also able to serve the unique goals and requirements of small business and individual inventors. For individual inventors, Bay Area Intellectual Property Group (Bay Area IP) lowers the bar to attain "Patent-Pending" protection so low that money is no longer a barrier to protecting IP to more safely market their ideas and achieve dreams. In addition to providing "Patent-Pending" protection, Bay Area IP offers a full range of services to support the individual inventor. Our service offering supports inventors starting from their initial idea all the way through pre-marketing launch with our many specialized services including invention development, searching for prior-art, procuring "Patent-Pending" status and regular Utility patents, and providing marketing assessment/planning. We work hard to offer our individual inventor clients what they need to convert there ideas into financial success.

For small businesses, Bay Area IP's right-sized IP protection approach facilitates building a larger patent portfolio. Our practice further supports the needs of small business by way of providing consulting services that leverage our expertise in strategic marketing, IP practice, and IP portfolio management towards bringing coherence and increased synergistic value to corporate efforts and assets thereby significantly improving the company's competitive advantage.

Whether you are an individual inventor, a small business, or a large company our unified set of complementary services including IP development, searching, protection, strategy, marketing, and technology support uniquely enable Bay Area IP to efficiently understand and align our work product to your needs as a whole.


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